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EBS Workbench®

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…increasing your efficiency in bank statement processing

EBS Workbench® is a software add-on for your SAP® ERP System which is programmed in ABAP, the native SAP programming language.

EBS Workbench® significantly reduces the day-to-day manual work in your accounting departments or shared service centers and helps to automate bank statement processing in all entities which run SAP® Financial Systems.

All settings in EBS Workbench® can be configured by your business departments - this ensures that time consuming customizing by internal or external IT resources is no longer required.

A combination of automation rules and a flexible one-screen transaction for post-processing of bank statement data provides maximum efficiency for your business.

EBS Workbench® seamlessly integrates into your current SAP® ERP system and helps the users to perform their daily tasks more efficiently.


Current automation tools and user-exits are at the end of their product lifecycle

Many companies have programmed solutions in place which may have proven to be effective in the past. However, every time new requirements occur it is necessary to change the program or even develop a new one. Frequent changes in payments and the banking landscape have proven that more flexible solutions are required. In order to accommodate client requirements today a flexible solution is indispensable.

Some of the latest changes lowering your current automation rate might be:

  • New banks introduce new sets of transactions
  • Bank mergers lead to changed bank statement content
  • New payment instruments are introduced
  • New customers have different payment and payment reporting standards
  • New countries have different clearing systems


EBS Workbench® quickly increases your efficiency
  • Flexible one-screen transaction
  • Fully integrated into your SAP® ERP system
  • Automate all transactions which you would like to automate
  • Easy post-processing of transactions which cannot be automated
  • New and advanced search options which can be easily extended by users
  • Business users can configure the system on the fly
  • Automation and posting rules can be defined by business users themselves


As part of the optional potential analysis offered by us, we like to point to and process improvements in your business.

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